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How do you get a car to look like it’s from another continent?

A former member of the UK’s National Museum has created a stunning new car that’s based on the iconic British cars from the 19th and 20th centuries.Key points:This new car is based on a car built in the 1950s and named the ‘King of the Road’Kia’s iconic British car was the inspiration for the new […]

How to find the best car parts in the new car season

In 2017, the car industry suffered a massive loss, and the market was still in flux, but the major automakers and parts suppliers had already taken steps to improve their product offerings.The first of those steps was to start selling new, high-end cars with more features.This led to the introduction of the brand new, ultra-luxury […]

How to make your car look vintage without buying anything from Apple, Amazon, etc.

Apple (AAPL) stock surged in late afternoon trading following news that the FBI had issued subpoenas to Apple’s local law enforcement officers, demanding records about the company’s use of a new device-sniffing device in an investigation into the San Bernardino shooting.Apple shares rose more than 3 percent to $619.99 on the Nasdaq, up 1.3 percent […]

Which parts are cheap?

Parts suppliers often offer prices that are more competitive than online listings, and they’re cheaper than online prices at many online sellers.The difference is often about half a cent per square inch, according to a survey by the company PriceMyBike.ca.Some parts are listed at $1.50 per square-foot, and at $2 per square foot, the difference […]

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