Lexus gets $3.5M in new funding from the US Department of Transportation

By Sarah Dingle and Jason Gammill – The Associated PressAs Lexus has been on a tear over the past couple of years, it has gotten more attention than ever.

But while the brand has been gaining traction in the automotive industry, the company has also been struggling to keep pace with the increasing cost of parts and components.

Lexus is working on ways to make its car parts more affordable, but the company is still working to meet the needs of its customers.

In March, the United States Department of Labor announced a $3 million grant to Lexus for a program aimed at helping the company reduce costs and improve performance.

It is part of a broader effort to help companies address the cost and quality issues faced by auto parts suppliers.

Lexuss funding was one of the two big announcements made in a week that also saw the company expand its product range to include a more affordable range of fuel-efficient cars.

The company’s CEO, Tetsuya Takahashi, said in a statement that the funding will help to reduce Lexus’ costs by making it more attractive for suppliers.

Lexus’ chief executive officer, Takahata, said the funding also will allow the company to move into new markets where the costs of making the car parts are higher, like Japan.

The grant, announced Thursday, will help Lexus increase its supply chain, according to a statement from the Labor Department.

It will also provide assistance to other companies that are making car parts at a lower cost.

It includes an $800,000 loan for a new facility to produce parts for Lexus models.

The Labor Department is funding a number of efforts aimed at improving the quality of parts used in Lexus cars.

In January, the agency announced $3 billion in grants to help manufacturers improve their production processes.

And in February, it announced a program to reduce the cost of materials used in parts and other products.

The money will be used to improve Lexus production and make it more competitive with suppliers.

That means the company can make parts more cost effective and improve the way parts are made.

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