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DALLAS – The shock car engine parts company that made a car part that sent shock waves through the automotive world is being sued by a woman who claims it caused her to have an asthma attack.

Christine T. McGovern sued Fusion Engineering, which made shock car engines, on Friday in federal court in Dallas.

Fusion has said the lawsuit is “without merit.”

Fusion said it has received no formal response from McGovern.

McDavid filed the lawsuit in February 2017.

Fusion Engineering made the engine parts for the 2017 Ford Fusion EV.

It has been selling the engine-related parts since 2009.

Fusion told ABC News it was “deeply disappointed” with the lawsuit and would not comment further.

Fusion Engine Parts LLC, based in Florida, is part of Fusion Automotive Group LLC, a parent company of Fusion Engineering.

Fusion and Fusion Engineering did not immediately respond to ABC News’ requests for comment.

McBride sued Fusion in 2015, alleging she suffered a heart attack and asthma attack and that the company was negligent.

Fusion engineers were not aware of McBride’s asthma problem, Fusion said in a statement to ABC affiliate WFAA.

McBurnett, who is black, claimed in the lawsuit that Fusion engineers failed to alert her to the potential problems.

Fusion denied McBurnetts claim that its shock car-engines were unsafe, and Fusion acknowledged that its engineers had failed to take adequate action to prevent McBurnitt’s asthma attack, according to the lawsuit.

Mcburnett is seeking compensatory damages and attorney’s fees, according the suit.

Fusion is one of the largest car parts makers in the U.S. Fusion was founded in 2004 and manufactures shock car components and shock shock car air filters.

Fusion’s shock car technology was tested on the 2016 Nissan Leaf and is expected to be the basis of a new electric car in 2019, the company said.

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