Why Trump is making a new ad on CNN about how his auto parts company can beat the U.S. government

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump used his Twitter account to promote an ad campaign that features a video showing the auto parts giant Jaguar’s cars working to protect the United States.

Trump is referring to the automaker’s Jaguar and Land Rover brands.

In the ad, a reporter asks: What does this say about your company?

“Jaguar is doing the best job we’ve ever seen,” Trump says.

The ad then shows the cars of the Jaguar Land Rover and Jaguar XJR driving in traffic, with a narrator explaining how the companies are “leading the way on safety, innovation and innovation that will protect our nation.”

“Jalopnik has been in business for 35 years,” the narrator says, “and our mission is to help you discover the best products and services in the world.”

“We’re here to tell you that you can be confident in Jaguar,” the ad concludes.

The video, which was filmed in March 2016, has not been shown before on the president’s Twitter feed.

The President has repeatedly called for the companies to be taken out of the United Nations and shut down, and has called for them to be banned from the U,S.

market entirely.

The cars featured in the ad are owned by Jaguar’s U.K. subsidiary, Jaguar Land Rovers, and the U of C. Trump has repeatedly suggested that the cars are unsafe because they have not been tested by a U.N. safety agency, and that the company could not be trusted with any sort of safety record.

Jaguar has denied the claims.

A U.C. Berkeley School of Law professor, David M. Schwartz, wrote in a 2016 letter that Trump’s assertion is “fundamentally false” and that he has not provided evidence of safety concerns.

He also noted that Jaguar has not tested its cars for airbag deployment or airbag failure in any other way.

“Trump’s statement is false because the safety of the cars is not in doubt,” Schwartz wrote.

“Jalinas cars have been tested for all sorts of airbag and airbag-resisting tests.

It’s entirely possible that these vehicles could have been deployed in a manner which might have resulted in airbag activation or deployment failure.

This is true even if the vehicles are not tested for air bag deployment.”

The letter was signed by Schwartz, two law professors at the university, the Ullman School of Journalism at UCLA and the American Academy of Insurance.

A spokesperson for Trump did not respond to a request for comment.

“There is nothing in the law which would prohibit the UCLS from using a vehicle’s internal combustion engine for airbags, or the vehicle from having a safety test or certification that is based on the safety, reliability and performance of the vehicle,” the letter stated.

In an email to The Hill, Schwartz said the video is a “political advertisement” designed to draw attention to the safety concerns surrounding the cars.

“It’s not the first time that Trump has used this tactic.

The most recent one was his attack on GM’s auto safety,” he said.

“In fact, the video was first published in March 2017.

In that video, Trump used it as a way to attack GM, and as a direct attack on Ford.”

“The ad makes the false claim that GM has not yet deployed a car in an accident, but this is not true.

GM has deployed a vehicle in at least two incidents where airbags deployed, including one on the highway that involved a Jeep that was in an auto-safety zone and the driver of that vehicle was a Ford dealer,” Schwartz said.

In September, Ford said it had deployed a small number of vehicles to safety testing in the U and Mexico.

Ford did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the video.

The Jaguar advertisement appears to be the first direct reference to airbag deployments in the carmaker’s ads since the Uhlmann incident in 2015, when a Jaguar XJ drove into a parked Jeep and then slammed into it, killing a four-year-old boy.

A report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that the JLR had not been fitted with airbags since the accident, and a Jaguar spokesperson said the company had never tested the airbags.

The carmaker also said that its vehicle had been fitted “with all the safety-related information available at the time of the accident.”

The U. of C.’s Schwartz wrote in his letter to the president that it is “irresponsible to suggest that the Jaguar brand is not a safety leader in its industry and that there is any question of its being a safe car to drive.”

“It is very disappointing that the president is using the Julesz brand as a scapegoat for safety concerns,” Schwartz told The Hill.

“I do not believe this has anything to do with safety.

The company is doing well and

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