Why the car parts maker may have to cut some jobs


— One of the world’s biggest car parts makers is on the brink of losing more than 200 jobs amid a series of regulatory setbacks, including the latest round of the U.S. government shutdown and a lawsuit by a former CEO.

The Atlanta-based catalyst car parts company, which makes everything from wheels to headlights, has been hit with several government probes, including a recent lawsuit over the handling of defective parts by a top executive.

The company announced Wednesday that it had lost two full-time employees as a result of the lawsuits, including one who worked on an automotive assembly line.

The lawsuit claims that the company was aware that parts for a new version of the Chevrolet Bolt electric car were defective and therefore responsible for a potential safety hazard.

But the company did nothing to investigate, the suit says.

The suit is the latest in a series filed by a group of former executives alleging the company failed to take action on safety problems at its Atlanta plant.

They also alleged that the plant’s management was not adequately addressing the problems and that the car assembly line was not equipped to deal with a severe accident.

The U.K.-based company has not commented on the latest development.CEO Andrew Dufault declined to comment, saying the company could not comment on pending litigation.

The legal filings could not immediately be independently verified by The Associated Press.

The lawsuits have been brought by a union representing car parts workers in the U, and a group representing dealers in the United States.

They allege the company violated federal law by failing to report serious safety concerns at its plant and by not properly supervising its assembly operations.

The new lawsuit alleges that in addition to losing its manufacturing jobs, the company has lost other jobs because of the safety issues.

The current legal dispute could also have an impact on the company’s business, said Brian Tippett, a senior vice president at the company.

The automaker said it was confident it would be able to survive the shutdown, which it has called the worst economic crisis in U.P. history.

The company said it expects to begin selling the Bolt in the fourth quarter of 2018, which is before the government shutdown ends.

“We will have a much stronger and more resilient business than we have today,” Dufaults company said in a statement.

The automaker has been investing in new technologies in its plant in Greenville, which has been closed since March.

The plant has about 2,000 employees, most of whom work on high-end car parts.

It also makes other parts, including brake pads, wheel bearings, wheels and tires.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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