How do you get a car to look like it’s from another continent?

A former member of the UK’s National Museum has created a stunning new car that’s based on the iconic British cars from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Key points:This new car is based on a car built in the 1950s and named the ‘King of the Road’Kia’s iconic British car was the inspiration for the new car, called the ‘Kings of the road’The car is designed to look as if it’s a 1950s modelKia said the Kings of the roads will be on sale for $150,000 in 2017Kia says it will launch a new Kings of The Road car model on eBay this summerThe new car will feature a “modern” design, with the front end of the car being slightly different from the original 1950s King of the Roads.

It will feature “no headlights, no tail lamps and no airbags,” according to the company.

“It will be a stunningly modern and exciting new design that’s completely new for Kia, one that you won’t see anywhere else,” said John McBride, senior vice president of global product marketing at Kia.

Kia describes the new cars as “the kings of the street”.

“It’s a very exciting project for us,” Mr McBride said.

“This is the first time we’ve had a vehicle that looks like it was made in the 1960s.”

We can’t wait to get the vehicle out into the public and to show the world what a true classic car looks like.

“Mr McBride says the new vehicle will feature the “classic styling of the Kia King of The Roads”.”

The car will be beautifully built and will have the iconic look of the iconic Kia vehicles,” he said.KIA also says it plans to launch a Kings of a Road in 2017, a car designed to “look as if” it was built in 1950s Britain.

Kianan Broughton is an American car enthusiast who has been involved in restoring and restoring classic cars in his native New York.

He created the new Kia car to honour the company’s heritage and said it would be “unique” and “superior”.”

This car is inspired by the history and the heritage of the company,” Mr Broughston said.”[The King of a Roads] is a modern design that will be the first of its kind for Kias heritage.

“The new Kings will be based on Kia’s legendary car that is the inspiration behind the King of Road.”

Kia added that it was “surprised and delighted” to be able to use Kia cars and other classic British cars to create this new design.

“To design the new King of road, we took the history of Kia and the people who built it, and we added new technology to create a vehicle to match the iconic car,” Mr Kianan said.

Mr McBain said the company was working closely with the Australian Museum to ensure it could build the new Kings in time for the Australian showroom opening in June.

“Kia has always had an iconic brand and brand loyalty,” Mr McDougall said.


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