Why are Acura’s Acura Integra and Civic cars all so similar?

If you think Acura is making a big mistake by copying the Civic’s looks, you might be wrong.

The two cars look so similar that they’re almost interchangeable.

That’s according to Google Trends.

The search giant found that more than 9 million people searched for “Acura Integrars and Acura Corollas” and “Acu-Hybrids and Acu-Crossovers.”

Acura, a Japanese carmaker, and Volkswagen have been trying to compete with one another in the hybrid car market for decades.

But Acura and Volkswagen haven’t exactly been sitting still, and now they’re both making more than one car each.

The crossover Acura (which translates to “family of two”) is the smallest, and the Civic (which means “family sedan”) is a crossover, but the crossover is a little larger and features a more powerful engine.

(This is why you might hear the Civic referred to as a 2-door or even 3-door crossover.)

But it all starts with the same body structure.

The Civic is a sedan with an all-wheel drive system, which means the rear axle is attached to the center console, and it can pull out of a stop and accelerate to a top speed of about 30 mph.

The Acura Civic is an SUV, and has a front-wheel-drive system, so the rear wheels pull out into the rear seat, and accelerate into a top-speed of about 40 mph.

This is why they’re called “family cars.”

Acuras look so much alike That’s not all.

They’re also made by the same company, Acura Automotive, which makes Acuras and also sells the Acura Concours, which are crossover versions of the Acuras.

Acura cars are called “crossovers” because of the fact that they all have the same car-assembly line and a few other similarities.

They also share a few of the same basic parts.

But the biggest difference between the two is the way they’re made.

Acu and Civic: body, engine, transmission, brakes, wheels, tires and suspension

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