Which car parts makers make the most?

What are the top auto parts makers?

The list is based on research conducted by Bloomberg and the automotive information firm Automotive News, which compiled the data for this story.

In addition to its own research, Automotive Reports surveyed more than 40,000 U.S. consumers and found that the top car parts manufacturers make up about 40% of the industry.

Here’s what they make: General Motors: GM makes nearly all of the components that make up a vehicle, from the engine to the transmission to the air bags.

General Motors sells the majority of its cars and trucks in the U.K., but it makes up about 15% of its business in the United States.

Ford: Ford has been the leader in auto parts manufacturing for years, but its production is now in its 40s, according to Automotive Research.

Ford makes up nearly all the components in vehicles and trucks, but about 25% of vehicles sold in the country are made in China.

General Dynamics: General Dynamics has been in the auto parts business for more than 100 years, and it makes a significant portion of its vehicles in China, according the Bloomberg data.

General Electric: General Electric, founded in 1906, is the world’s largest manufacturer of vehicles, and its products are used in almost all of America’s vehicles.

GE has about 20% of vehicle sales, but makes up just 7% of total sales in the world.

Volkswagen: VW makes most of its parts in Germany, but has moved to China since 2016.

The carmaker is known for its vehicles with engines made in the Netherlands and Sweden, and has recently started making parts in Mexico.

Toyota: Toyota’s headquarters are in Japan and its manufacturing in China is also in decline.

The company makes most parts in China and makes a small amount in the US, according Automotive Data.

General Motor: GM has about 7% market share, but it’s not the largest maker of cars.

GM made about a third of its sales in China in 2016.

Ford and Chrysler: Ford and General Motors are also big producers of cars in China but both of them have made some progress in recent years.

Ford has built some of its best-selling vehicles in Mexico and has become a major player in the Asian market.

The two companies have become increasingly diversified in recent times.

Fiat Chrysler: Fiat Chrysler, which makes about 90% of all of its Jeep and Ram vehicles, has seen a decline in China because of rising costs.

Fiat has also invested heavily in India and the United Arab Emirates, which are where its biggest markets are.

GM: GM’s U.N. headquarters are based in Detroit, but the automaker makes most vehicles in the UK and Mexico.

GM makes about 15.5% of global sales, and about 10% of parts sold in America.

Ford Motor: Ford Motor makes about 40.5%, and has invested heavily to become more competitive in the global market.

It makes more than 90% the cars sold in China; Ford’s manufacturing is concentrated in China now.

Nissan: Nissan is a subsidiary of Japan’s Nissan Motor Co., and Nissan is currently making some of the best-sellers in the industry in China as well as in the Middle East.

Nissan is now also making parts for the US market, but most of the parts sold there are made by a subsidiary in Mexico that was founded in 2004.

Volkswagen AG: Volkswagen is a major automaker in Germany and is based in Wolfsburg, but in recent months the automakers’ operations in the EU have been on a decline.

Volkswagen has spent billions of dollars to increase production capacity in Germany to meet increasing demand in Europe.

Ford, General Motors, and Volkswagen are the only major automakers in the automotive industry that are currently headquartered in the continental U.s.

Volkswagen is also currently in the process of moving production of its engines to Mexico.

Honda: Honda makes about 6% of sales in Japan, but is now building parts for parts for U..

S., Canada, and the Middle Eastern markets.

Toyota Motor: Toyota is the largest automaker of cars and is also the largest producer of its hybrid vehicles.

The Japanese automaker is also working on making its next generation vehicles in Europe, where it has been making parts since 2006.

Ford is still a major maker of the Chevrolet Volt, the Toyota Camry, and other vehicles, but Honda’s sales in Europe are falling.

Ford will likely invest more in the next generation of the Volt, and will begin making its cars in the European market as well.

Honda is still one of the largest automakers in North America.

Volkswagen Group: Volkswagen Group is a joint venture between Volkswagen AG and Porsche, which has long been the mainstay of the automotive business in Europe and Asia.

The group’s current product portfolio includes passenger cars and light trucks.

Volkswagen and Porsche jointly produce the Audi A3 and Porsche Panamera, but those cars are currently made in Germany.

Fiat: Fiat is a German subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

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