When you’re a turbo car, this

says: You might think you’ve heard the term “turbo” before.

But in reality, it’s more like an acronym for “transmission, transmission drivetrain, and transmission fluid.”

It’s a more specific description than you might think.

The key is that the word “turboswap” refers to a single, generic type of replacement parts.

The term refers to the kind of parts that a car’s drivetrain swaps out.

A new set of transmission fluid, for instance, may replace the existing transmission fluid in a car that has already had the fluid swapped out.

If you need a new set, you’ll need to find the right parts and replace the fluid.

Here are the basics: A turbo car’s transmission fluid may swap out one of two different types of fluids.

One type of transmission oil may replace a different type of oil in a different vehicle.

The engine itself may swap in a new engine oil or the engine itself might swap in its own replacement oil.

These fluids are called swap-in types.

The other type of fluid is called replaceable fluid.

Replaceable fluids are fluid types that can be replaced with a different oil or fuel.

Swap-in fluids can be swapped out at a specific shop, and replaceable fluids can’t.

Replaceables usually come in two types: standard replacement and fluid replacement.

You’ll want to use a replacement fluid if you’re replacing a transmission or transmission drivetrains.

A replacement fluid is an oil that is different from a regular fluid.

The difference is that it contains more additives and other substances.

This is because swap-ins typically contain fewer additives than regular replacements.

If the oil is replaced, it can’t contain any of the other additives that a regular oil contains.

Replacing a transmission fluid is similar to replacing a stock transmission, except that you’ll use a different brand of oil and replace that one as well.

In this case, the transmission’s oil and transmission oil are the same.

The fluid that is swapped in is the fluid that powers the engine.

A car can be equipped with both standard and replaceables oil and injectors, depending on what part of the transmission is being replaced.

The two types of oil typically used for a swap-up are hexane and kerosene.

A hexane-based oil, called hexane propane, is used to replace conventional oil.

It has a lower viscosity and more catalytic properties than a regular gasoline-based type of synthetic oil.

The keroshen oil is a kerosen oil that contains fewer additives and can be used to swap out oil for gasoline.

It is generally much less viscous than conventional oil and can replace regular oil in some applications.

You won’t be able to swap in your own oil if you have a transmission that has never been oil-sealed, but it’s still important to check with your dealer to make sure that your vehicle is properly oil-soaked.

Replaced fluids generally come in one or two brands, depending upon the type of engine and the type or engine parts you’re swapping in.

For a standard transmission, you’d use a hexane oil and a kesene oil for replacement.

In a turbo vehicle, you might use a standard hexane (or keshene) oil and an additional synthetic oil (such as a synthetic polyethylene, or PPEG) that has more additives.

The hexane can be purchased from a car dealership or online, but you’ll probably need to go to the swap shop to get the oil.

When replacing an injector, you should always check with the dealer to see if they have a kit with a hexano (hexane-rich) oil that can replace the engine’s oil.

If they don’t, the oil will have to be replaced.

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