Volkswagen: No matter what, we’ll never let a thief off the hook with a new vehicle

Volkswagen has issued a new set of safety guidelines for all of its models, which were issued after a series of car thefts.

The company says the guidelines were created to protect its customers, especially young children, who are likely to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or have no place to hide.

Volkswagen says the new rules include:Vehicle locks that must be secured to the vehicle when not in use or unlocked in case of an emergencyThe use of a rear doorbell or security system to activate or deactivate the vehicleWhen it’s the wrong day to go to work, for example, the company says a child or someone under 18 years old can use the backseat to lock the car with a key or lock it from the inside, rather than leaving it unlocked.

Volkswagens safety guidelines were first issued in 2017, but were updated in 2017 to include new safety features.

The new guidelines say it’s illegal for someone to open the back of the vehicle without the owner’s permission.

It also says someone who commits a crime with a vehicle can be fined up to $2,000 or imprisoned for up to two years.

Volkes cars are a popular target for thieves, and the new guidelines are aimed at helping keep thieves from taking advantage of the situation.

The company has also made changes to how the keys can be used.

Volkers new system of locking the vehicle to prevent anyone from opening the back door is now designed for children.

The new system requires a child to unlock the vehicle and turn the ignition off before the vehicle can turn off, and then the child must unlock the rear door to turn it on.

Volking said in a statement that the new safety guidelines “strengthen the standard of care in our vehicles and ensure that we protect our customers from loss of personal property and damage caused by an accidental ignition.”

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