The first Tesla car parts store opens in the UK

The first car parts shop in the world is set to open in London this year, with a $2 million (£1.5m) investment from the European auto parts industry.

The opening of the Car Parts Store in the Old Town area of London marks the opening of a major new chapter in the evolution of the UK’s automotive manufacturing industry.

As well as offering a range of automotive parts from parts suppliers such as Tesla, the shop will also be a hub for car parts suppliers in the automotive supply chain.

The Car Parts Shop in the heart of the Old City will be able to serve as a hub, providing a link between car parts manufacturers and suppliers in a global marketplace for car and auto parts.

Tesla is the largest car parts supplier in the United States, but its sales are down significantly over the past year as demand has been driven by a rise in electric cars.

The new shop will offer a range on automotive parts, and will offer the most extensive selection of parts from all major automotive manufacturers, with extensive car repair and servicing.

The shop’s founder and managing director, Simon Lacey, said: “We’re looking to provide a service for the automotive industry, and we believe in a sustainable future for car makers.”

We’ve been a part of the automotive business for over 70 years, so this is a huge opportunity for us to build a thriving business for our customers.

“In addition to the automotive parts market, the Car Dealers Association, which represents the world’s biggest car dealers, is investing in the new shop.

The group has already invested in a car parts supply chain in the Netherlands and plans to invest in a similar supply chain for the UK in the coming years.

The building of the car parts plant is expected to take four years to complete, with the total project cost estimated at around $2.6 million.

The project is supported by the European Union’s Investment Fund for Infrastructure, which is investing €3 million in the project.

The London office of the group is being managed by Paul D. Murphy, chairman of the company’s automotive business and chairman of Daimler AG.

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