‘Lucky’ to be able to get car parts for free after paying Rs 50,000 for a car part

A man from Haryana has been lucky to get free car parts from a company whose name he can’t remember.

He bought a car and a battery, but couldn’t find the parts needed to run it.

“The parts for the battery came from the same company that makes my iPhone and I didn’t even know about the battery,” said Ramachandra Singh, who lives in Panchkula.

The company, Carid Parts, sells car parts online through its website.

It charges a fee for the parts and also sells them at a small fraction of their cost.

“I paid Rs 50 and a few hours later I got a letter from them saying it was my lucky day,” said Singh, an electrical engineer.

“They said they were the only one who could provide the parts.”

It’s a very unique arrangement.

The car part that Singh had wanted was for the air conditioner.

The part that was ordered by Carid was for a wheel bearing.

The parts were the same.

“But I had to pay a fee of Rs 50 for the part.

It took me some time to get the parts,” he said.

Singh bought the battery in January and had been waiting for the engine to arrive at his house in Pinchkula for months.

When it did, he found that the battery had gone missing.

“I had a panic attack.

I called the phone number of the company, but no one answered.

Then I tried calling the company and no one would answer either.

I also tried calling an internet café and there were no responses,” he added.

In February, Singh sent a request to the company’s web-based phone app, but it was blocked.

So he reached the office of the police station in Haryanashwar in Hingolpuri district.

“When I tried to call the number, the police officer said they had lost the number.

They couldn’t give me any help,” said the 35-year-old.

“So I reached the district magistrate and asked him to take action against the company.

I was given Rs 10,000 and I was allowed to bring the parts back to my house.”

Singh’s case is not an isolated one.

“There are many cases where people pay for parts and then they have to go and buy the parts again, sometimes multiple times,” said Rajendra Kaur, director of the National Centre for Consumer Affairs (NCCA).

The government should be making it easier for people to avail free car and car parts.

The Centre should also encourage people to register with the company for the necessary paperwork, Kaur said.

“If it were not for this, I would be in trouble for asking for a free car part.

A lot of people don’t even realise they can get parts,” she said.

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