How to keep your car safe on long drives

When you take your car on long trips, the only safety precautions you should be taking are to have a good car maintenance plan, and to be aware of your surroundings.

Read moreHere are some of the best car maintenance tips you should keep in mind as you drive on long distances:Avoid parking on a street with high-speed traffic, or driving on the side of a street.

Avoid parked vehicles or moving heavy vehicles such as trucks or cars.

Avoid turning right or left.

Avoid driving on roads with low-speed or high-visibility traffic.

Make sure you have the correct license plate.

If you are driving through a neighborhood or rural area, consider using an unmarked vehicle to drive safely.

If you do not have an unmarked car, park on the street with a red light and keep to the right side of the road.

If a car with a green light is approaching you, you should slow down and stop at a red signal and wait until the green light changes to green.

If an unmarked yellow light appears, you may need to change lanes to avoid the car.

If there are no other traffic signs indicating traffic conditions, slow down to slow down.

If a car or truck approaches you at a high speed, stop immediately and immediately pull over.

If the driver refuses to stop, pull over until he or she obeys.

If your vehicle is traveling slowly and is at a stop sign, pull into the nearest lane.

Do not drive on the right, side, or other side of other vehicles.

Drive on the left, and slow down when passing vehicles or stopping.

Keep to the left side of traffic, especially when passing through intersections or when entering intersections.

Drive slowly in rural areas and if you are entering or exiting an urban area, drive slowly.

Do NOT drive on roads that are closed to cars.

Drive slowly and follow the instructions of the police.

Drive in a safe manner.

Never turn your headlights on when you are turning.

If there is a vehicle approaching you in the crosswalk, turn your head and turn your rear-view mirror to the driver’s side.

If that driver does not turn, slow and pull over when you can.

Drive as fast as you can and avoid driving over obstacles.

Do not enter or exit an intersection while wearing a helmet or face shield.

Do check your mirrors frequently for signs of ice or other hazards.

If it appears your mirrors may have a crack or break, do not use them.

Driving on a busy street or road is dangerous.

Always follow the directions of the traffic signal or police officer.

Do have a seat belt.

Drive at a safe speed.

Never drive on a freeway.

Do keep your hands on the wheel and avoid making any sudden movements.

Do stop at stop signs and look for other vehicles in the same lane.

Stay to the side and do not speed or overtake another vehicle.

If necessary, pull in the direction of traffic.

If driving in rural or rural areas, always drive with caution and respect.

Always use common sense and be aware.

Be sure to check the weather forecast for conditions that could affect traffic.

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