Car parts suppliers: What you need to know

A new car part supply company in the United States is hoping to make parts more accessible for people with physical disabilities.

The new company, Car Parts Express, is launching a nationwide network of certified suppliers.

The goal is to make car parts more affordable for people like Kip Anderson.

The 22-year-old said she needed a car that would work without the need for a manual transmission, and so, after months of research, she decided on a 2009 Toyota Corolla.

“I didn’t have a lot of money, so I really just bought it and it took me two years to actually get it to the dealership,” Anderson said.

The dealership didn’t even have the parts.

It was in need of some repairs.

Anderson said she was shocked when the car part company contacted her with a $300 loan for the car, and she was excited to start shopping.

Anderson says she had to call and make several phone calls before they even opened her up to speak to someone who could help her get her car fixed.

“It was so nice because I was able to talk to someone,” she said.

She said she’s since learned a lot about the car parts industry and how it works.

“We just need to make sure the car we buy has been properly inspected,” Anderson added.

Car Parts Express has a few different car parts suppliers, and they work together to meet their customers needs.

“They’re all certified, so you can go to a dealership and get a car,” said Michael Smith, the vice president of operations.

He said that makes it easier for people to compare parts, and that Car Parts is more accessible than most car parts companies.

Smith said they have an email list of about 200 customers.

Car parts Express is a one-stop shop for car parts that is owned and operated by an independent business.

“This business is about making sure the customer gets what they want,” Smith said.

Anderson has a couple of things to tell you about her experience.

“One, the car I purchased, the one I bought, the only thing it needed was a new engine, so it took a year to get it,” Anderson explained.

And the other thing is, they just made me feel very welcome, like I was part of their family.

Anderson, who’s also a musician, says she feels like a part of a family in the car.

“If I have a friend that needs something and they have it, I’ll come to them,” Anderson recalled.

“I think it’s a positive.”

Car PartsExpress is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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