‘You can never go home’: Irish family living in Australia’s ‘world class’ car fit shop

A family in a remote area of Australia are taking home a car that is fitted to meet all their needs.

The car fitters have been working for more than 20 years in a small village in the remote Outback region of South Australia.

It is a car with a history of reliability, which means that if a fault happens, it is repaired within 24 hours, the company says.

When they are finished, they go back to the shop, where they make their own car.

In the first week of January, a family of six from the small community of Tully, near the Australian border, visited the shop to check out a new car.

They had travelled from Perth to see the car fitter.

“It’s a car which I love to drive,” said Mrs Aileen Campbell, who is in her 60s.

She said she was “very happy” to have a car fitting for her.

As well as making money, the car also helps to ease the financial strain on her husband and daughter who live in an accommodation in the town of Bong.

Mrs Campbell said she had recently been able to move into her new home.

A family of eight have now moved into the new house in Tully and are “so happy”.

“I’ve got a job, I have a house, I’m not living in a caravan,” she said.

After a few months, the Tully family moved to Brisbane, where Mrs Campbell said they “could have a good time”.

But when she returned to Australia, she said she felt “really sad” and “just felt like I was living in limbo”.

“I can’t go home,” she added.

But now, she is happy, and hopes that “there’s going to be more of a car fit and not a car in limbo.”

The local car fitners have been around for decades, with the company now expanding to Perth.

One of the most famous car fitting shops in the world is called The Outback, which has a fleet of more than 300 vehicles.

Some of the cars are sold to customers around the world, including the US, UK, Australia and Japan.

At Tully Car Fitters, Mrs Campbell works in the shop as the only female car fitner.

While many people think they can’t do it alone, Mrs Aileson said: “It’s not the only thing you can do, you can be anything you want.”

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